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Winter roedeer

Hello from Germany!

Yesterday evening I was outside in a forest treestand at a baiting, waiting for roedeer with my cal. 45 ML. After about 30 min at 5:00 p.m. 2 roedeer, a doe and a fawn, came out. The fawn moved directly to the baiting, stands at first broadside, but then front to me at 30 meters. I aimed with my .45 deerhunter ML, loaded with 90 grs bp and a 240 grs maxiball. Boooom! There it died in its tracks while the doe escaped. After 5 min I went down to look. I hit it between the shoulder blades through the spine, the bullet exited at the lower belly. The lounge was completely destroyed. so a deadly shot.



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Re: Winter roedeer

Hallo Dirk

I know the feeling and thats what our hunter out their have is the love and respect for the nature.Rember Africa are waiting for you with your M/L...

Jagd Grüße/Hunting Greetings

Benno + Eileen Liebenberg
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Re: Winter roedeer

I've been waiting for your reports, then you post one with no photos???? What gives??? lol


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