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Winnies Mount from 2006

This is the buck i took this past season with my Hoyt on Nov. 5th

And After a visit to my Taxidermist

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Winnies Mount from 2006

Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up Nice one!!!

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Winnies Mount from 2006

great pics, congrats Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Winnies Mount from 2006

Very Nice Yes

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Winnies Mount from 2006

Great buck and great mount! Congrats!

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Winnies Mount from 2006

great deer Thumbs up

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Winnies Mount from 2006

VERY nice!!! Love the In rut lip curl he did on that mount!

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Nice spread, What was the inside meas.

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Winnies Mount from 2006

I have never seen a mount with the lip curl, that is cool. Very nice deer.

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Winnies Mount from 2006

nice mount what does it score

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Winnies Mount from 2006

Looks like a very nice 9 too me and a very nice mount great job is that a black in the backround? Can I see ? Congrats on your hunt WinMag and good luck on the next one. Thumbs up

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