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Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PXD1

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Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PXD1

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Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PXD1

Just what we need...yet another Super Supreme Elite Ultimate Extreme Advanced RB129-50CXV bullet that's better than anything ever created by man. Maybe these will come in advanced carbon fiber cases that are 10 percent lighter than regular brass casings, filled with powder containing minute amounts of Elvis Presley's DNA.

It's made with real panther...60 percent of the time, it works every time. eye roll

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Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PXD1

I just wish that Olin/Winchester, Remington, Federal, and Speer would focus more effort on getting more regular ammunition and reloading components out to it's customers rather than focusing on overpriced, overhyped, exotic stuff.

Go to any gunshop or large sporting good store and look on the ammo and reloading shelves. Empty! Out-of Stock! Backordered! Everywhere.