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Winchester Model 75 Target

I am new so please bear with me,as stated above a have a winchester Model
75 Target, Mfg. 1948.
Was having troubling with some brands of ammo would fire one or two then skip three or four. It liked Federal Game-Shok the best and Winchester Super X
the worse. The trigger was set quite light but if you put the bolt fown quite hard it would once in awhile discharge, well that was not good so I did the following.
I put a new Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring, Breech Bolt Plug. It now workd fine and shoots anything I put in it, but I need to adjust as the trigger has a heavy pull now, so any advice would be welcome. This is the first rifle I have had to adjust.
MY 7MM- wsm has the accu trigger but have not had to do anything to that , besides it is quite different and I have a manual for it.

David H. Wakefield

Also this looks like one of the better sites I have seen in awhile, lots of good Info.

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Winchester Model 75 Target

Unfortunately I can't help with the trigger adjustment. However owing to the age and collector value of the gun, you may consider getting something new for 22 shooting. To the right winchester collector your gun (depending on condition) may put you a good way into a brand new upper end target 22. Hope you saved the original parts...

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Bull Wacker Re/75 Winchester Target

Many thanks for the reply.

I bought the gun a couple months ago it as I can see is org. except for the F& R
sights. they were target front sight, rear Receiver sight assembley
Redfield 75 HW. of course they are gone, and the wise person put a Weaver
style base mount in other words universial rail, which dose work fine after I re did it. I do have the Weaver base mounts #'s 15&16 for it, looks like you have to use the orgn. scope that would have come with the gun. I am working on finding the person who had the rifle as the rail was new so i think just replaced. I know the 52's bring good money or at least thet use to. I Thought the 75's were quite a bit less?
I think I know what to do as far as the firing pin goes. Part was fixed as soon as I put the new firing pin in, it will now shoot anyand all brands of ammo.
So If I want org. I need to find a working Urtel scope not sure I spellded that correct.
I do have a new Zastava action in nice redone wood very nice accurate but not perhaps a target rifle, that has a fully adjustablr trigger really fun gun to shoot.

Many thanks for your ideas, I will have to think about what I want to do. Part of me would just love to take that 1948 rifle that is 2 years newer than me and surprise a few people.
David H. Wakefield
Silver Hawk II

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