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Billistic Tips are a

Billistic Tips are a fantastic bullet for deer and antelope. I've stickly used them since they came out. Over the years I've only had 2 failures 1.) a head shot in the eye socket on a WT 2.) shoulder shot on a mulie at close range.  The bullet do what they are designed to do very effectively. I would carry them in my 308 sniper rifle but they dont penitrate glass worth a whoot (their not designed to).


The winchester power points and remington corloks are great deer an lope hunting rounds. Dont overlook them cause their "cheaper". They were the "super bullets" back in the day and will continure to kill many many more big game animals over the years.

Bullet failures happen with all bullets.

Best of luck

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I'll take a Remington Core

I'll take a Remington Core Lokt bullet over a Balistic Silvertip any day, they have never let me down and like you mentioned they are alot cheaper. Thats probably why our local Sports Authority doesn't bring them in anymore. About 6 years ago they switched over to Winchester Ammunition ( Super X and Balistic Silvertips only) The Super X ammo was resonable but is always sold out when I go to buy ammo so only the Balistic Silvertips are left.



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