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Willing to go hunting

Anybody willing to take me hunting on modern firearm? This is the only time i can go hunting. I've been here in whidbey island for a couple of years now and I am thinking of the the Cascade Mountain down on HWY 20. Anybody have an idea where the good spot is.

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Willing to go hunting

jjjjake, not sure if you got a private email or not, if not, I am sure if you describe a bit more in detail what exactly you are looking for, you may get a hit...

Althought I am not offering, I would want to know...Who you are, what you do, your experience, what do your offer or bring to the table, what type of hunt you are accustom to, IE: drive hunts, solitare stalking, roadhunting, dawn to dusk all day prowl...

From what I have read from some of the regular guys who frequent here, some of them may extend a bit of help. Maybe agree to camp on the same road, and provide a bit of guidance. But, I for one would not want to be saddled with guide service to some guy I do not know from jack...Looks like you are military? This is a big time plus in my book. Cash in that chip...

Good Luck.

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