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Will woods hunting work for coyotes?

I want to varmint hunt this winter, and have everything I need as far as guns and gadgets. Coyotes have migrated into this area(southside Va.) over the last ??? years, and they are pretty elusive. I mainly hunt my farm(for everything else), on which I have a large stand of mature hardwoods, 10 acre swamp, limited fields(maybe 10 acre total field), and some pines. As an introductory hunt for coyotes or bobcats, would it be better to go late evening, as it is getting dark? Would my tree stands be a good place to set up, with the remote caller out on the ground? I was thinking about starting in the beaver swamp. I have a Night-blaster gun light. Any tips would be great.

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Will woods hunting work for coyotes?

I am not an expert coyote hunter so take my opinion for what it is worth.

I've hunted mornings for coyotes, but don't see why late in the day wouldn't work just as well.

We have hunted in the woods - the main difference is that they will be up on you quickly. You can't see them coming like you can in the open.

Again, I'm not a pro, but what about setting up across from the beaver swamp and calling - pulling them out of there into the open?

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