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Will vote for McCain but....

I think its officially a MTV world now

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Will vote for McCain but....

csumerall had a great point two replies ago about low information voters.

Simply put someone replaced Obama's stance on issues with McCains and the Obama supporters thought they were still Obama's ideas. We don't know how much hedging of bets took place by giving generalities but I think the core parts of the story is correct. Political scientists would tell us this also. It works with both sides.

Partly this has to do with the types of information people seek out. Many strong advocates of one person or party over another go to sources that reflect thier own views for confirmation not information. This give those sources an opportunity to whip up support with anger. Anger works much better than any other emotion to get people to give you money and vote for you.

The right got a jump start with talk radio and then Fox News, the left has followed suit with Air America but doesn't yet have a cable network. When people start spouting off to me I usually just nod my head, not agreeing or disagreeing, it's pointless. Sometimes for fun I ask them if they know such basic things as who thier congressman (or woman) is.

It used to be that if a jouranlist repeated untrue talking points of a politician they would be laughed at by thier peers, and it would put the kabosh on any chance of a Pulitzer, now all anyone cares about are ratings, access and seven figure salaries.

Realizing how easy it is to shape perceptions with a big enough mouthpiece politicians now attempt to get thier own message out there first with enough volume to at least dull the edge of whatever is coming down the pike. Take Palins view of the Trooopergate findings for instance. The report clearly states she abused her power, it's in black and white, and in all the Alaskan newspapers. What does she do? Claim loudly in front of all the press corp that she has been vindicated and found to have done nothing unethical or illeagal. It works. Who reads any newspapers let alone those from Alaska.

The lies and distortions are too numerous and common to even begin to make a list. Anyone who reads independent sources or at least good journalistm is appalled, and those who are well informed also incude the ranks of most long term thoughtfull conservatives. The list of defections from the most informed members of the ranks of the right becomes longer every day. McCain dismisses them as the "Georgetown intelectuals and coctail party goers" or words to that affect but they are the people who lay the foundation for right wing ideology which these days is in shatters.

Normally the low information voters who make up a large segment of the electorate have little affect on the direction of the country. Eight years ago one was elected president. This event coincided with the rise of a portion of the media that wasn't shy to tell blatant mistruths and a campaign manager who knew exactly the sorts of misinformation to spread. The permanent camaign rolled righ into the perfect storm of a war, and then budget busting tax cuts.

The economy is in a shambles, no one is claiming victory in two wars, wages have been down for 30 years, something had to break.

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Will vote for McCain but....

What scares me about the Obama people is that no matter what issue comes up, they'll come up with a reason why it doesn't matter.

Obama keeps saying we need to stop with distractions and discuss "real issues." In his world, those issues apparently don't include where he's been, what he's done, what he's said, or who he's hung around with. We're supposed to ignore all that and take him at his word. I don't buy it.

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Will vote for McCain but....
csumerall wrote:
Howard stern had a interesting segment in his show yesterday. He sent someone out on the street and asked who they were voting for. When people replied that they were voting for Obama, he asked them how they felt about his stances on things. Except, they switched obamas polocies with Mccains. And every single time they agreed with "obamas" polocies. Even when they were told what was going on they still said that they were voting for Obama, thus proving that they were only voting for a trendy candidate. No knowledge of the actual issues at hand. I personally think its interesting.

That is an interesting segment. I didn't see it because every time I've watched Stern in the past I went away feeling like I'd taken a bath in liquid sleeze. But keep in mind, when this mock survey was aired they almost certainly showed only a handful of the actual people on the street they talked to, and the ones they did air were the most over-the-top respondents that best exemplified their point... which, yes, he does have a point. Obama seems like a very intelligent and capable person who can probably do a decent job at whatever he puts his hand to, but he is also largely a media-invented superpersonality (my own term) who has been billed as the savior of our country and can do no wrong. I'm voting for McCain, so you know, but that is because I agree (mostly) with the direction he seems to want to take this country more than I do Obama's. I've had a hard time not being disgruntled with politics in general here lately, mostly because both parties are favoring a market manipulation sort of philosophy that usually is not something the GOP would not be in to. But there it is, I'm talking about the big "Bailout". President Bush conceived it and both candidates endorsed it. Yuck. I think that from this point, Obama's plans will tend to guide us into the direction of becoming something more of a wellfare state with State and local governments loosing more and more authority. Where as McCain, although he's not typical GOP stock, will be more inclined toward a system where people are rewarded based on their own willingness to work hard and excell. I also believe McCain is more realistic when it comes to foriegn policy as well.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I need to rant once in a while, I guess.

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Will vote for McCain but....

Sage, I may not agree with it, but that was a solid assessment on your position!

Shall be interesting to see what transpires tonight in the debate. I'm looking forward to it as I am sure you are.

Take care!

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Will vote for McCain but....

There was on person who corrected them, that was on the topic of how they felt about obama running with sarah palin. This actually was on his sirius xm raidio show. I think a few other stations have been replaying it though.