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will salt work in baiting hogs?

I have been using just corn, didnt know if being summer time if the hogs would come to salt like deer do or if theres another way to bait them successfuly....any advice from you boys would be much appreciated. Thumbs up

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will salt work in baiting hogs?

corn is one of the best .any other veg is good tamatoes are o.k. ..dont know if you are souring the corn its best to do both hang a big bucket in a tree fill half full of corn and top off with water also good to add suger/syrupe/ beer/ water else you can find to get out a good sour smell ..also the old timers used to tie a old piece of rug to a tree that they soaked in used moter oil for the hogs to rud on ..I DONT SUGEST USING OIL .. syrupe / gely /hunny would all work though

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Re: will salt work in baiting hogs?

Salt licks work well in areas where there are few or no cows. In areas where there is cattle the hogs get their salt from the cows salt blocks.

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