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Will the lack of moisture keep the bulls higher this year?

Confused Watching the weather reports, it looks like much of the state is experiencing one of the dryest Septembers in many years. For those that have been out with bows and muzzles, have you seen the elk holding higher than you would normally expect? I did all of my scouting early this year due to a back surgery and have been unable to do any during September. I was hoping to get some recon from the rest of you as well as ask for predictions for second rifle. Does this warm, dry weather have anyone concerned or changing their plans?

I normally hunt in an area between 9500 and 11000.

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I wouldn't worry all that

I wouldn't worry all that much. But I haven't been up about 9,500-10,000 for a month or so. I'm not sure of the status of grass desication up high right now.

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In many places, yes.

In many places, yes.

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It is dry out there and hard

It is dry out there and hard to find water in a lot of places, but I was out this weekend and saw elk and lots of sign around 10,000.  When I peaked out at 11,700 I didn't see anything fresh that high and all the action seemed to be below 11. 

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From what I have seen the

From what I have seen the last 3 weeks hunting is that they are where you find them.  While it is dry out there there is still a lot of water in the hills.  I have seen bulls between 9,500' and 7,000' in the same places that I have seen them in past years.  I haven't seen the need to go above 10,000'. 

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all over the mountain

they were on the top, and in the trees,we didnt get to much below 11,000.

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I just got back from

I just got back from 9000-10000 feet and there was a tone of water around.  Alot of water holes and wallows but not a one touched.  Two weeks ago they were used and now nothing.  I have a sneaky suspension that they area got hunted hard by the smoke poles.

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