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I would

Really feel bad if I jinxed him!!!!!Maybe I win the Lotto and SGM can put a cap in that bull this fall. That way all the pressure is off!!!! Quinton, I swear you have those elk collared with gps!! You guy's find some damn nice horn. What is the ratio??? 10 miles for every horn???? You guy's hit it out of the park!!!

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Not sure if both sets are

Not sure if both sets are from the same bull but would not surprise me as we only have a few running in our area. Did not draw a bull tag this year for our area so he is safe for another year, at least from me. Lots of private land and very few hunters so he has a good chance to shed again next year. I know there is at least one more set someplace as in January I saw a big bull that had what looked like a big palm dagger at the end of his antlers instead of the typical fork. Maybe my luck will hold out as it took 50 years to find my first pair of sheds.

Quinton, another great looking set of antlers. Conratulation on that find also. Now that I am retireing from the Army I will have more time to shed hunt. My son lives in Craig and shed hunts all spring and does pretty well. Looking forward to spending time with him and hopefully find a bunch of sheds.

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Pretty Awesome. May blow a

Pretty Awesome. May blow a head gasket when I see one of these caliber elk in person! Looking forward to finding out. 34 days to go!

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SGM, I agree with everyone. You should have bought a lottery ticket while you had the luck with you. I'd love to see that bull this year. Probably 7x7 pushing 350 or more! It's like he has three eye guards, how sweet is that. Usually that extra point is further down towards the end. Hope to see pictures of him later this year when he's wintering around your place. If he lives that long.

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