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T o be honest I have never

T o be honest I have never been checked by a warden or cop. I have seen them in the woods and have waived to them but they have never bothered to check me. now that i have said that i will be stopped and checked multiple times this year Help! . I've even been fishing on the banks of my favorite river with about 50 other fisherman and wardens walking down the line checking people and get to 5 people away and just skip over a group of us and continue down the row. I guess i have just been lucky? The past 3 years i havent even seen a game warden, probaly because i'm a few miles in the woods and not near the roads, sounds like some of you have had good experiences and others bad. i hate those bad apples but there out there.

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Another experience I had a

Another experience I had a few years ago with my daughter. We were about  mile and a half from the road and she had taken a 5 point bull about a half hour after daylight. Just after she staeted to gut him out a female game warden came hiking up. Despite being opening day on public land she was dressed only in tan colored clothing with no orange at all.

After checking my daughters license and making sure everything was legal she asked what I thought was a hilarious question.  "Are you going to cut him up here or are you going to drag him out?"  Remember my 18 year old daughter and I are a fair way from the road with 2 canyons between us and the truck. I told her niether that I thought it would be easiest to carry it out whole. At this she laughed and turned a little red realizing how impossible it would have been to drag it out and quickly said goodbye and left.

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For some reason when you get

For some reason when you get on the bad side of somebody with some authority and then they abuse it it gives all of them a bad name.  I'm glad that I have always stayed on the better side of them and will even help them out if they ask for it.  But when you have a friend that stirs the pot by putting out bait when he isn't suppose to and then it turns into your problem I think that would be the last time that I would go hunting with that friend. 

I had some what the same kind of problem with a friend that I used to muzzle load hunt with.  To say the least I haven't gone hunting with him since.  It just isn't worth the problems that occur.

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the reason

WishIWasHunting wrote:

Does anybody have any stories, either positive or negative, about encounters with wildlife officers ("Friendly Forest Creatures" as I like to call them) that they would like to share?  I have not had any experiences firsthand, buy I have been told a few. 

On the positive side, my Dad talks about how he used to know several CDOW officers that were very friendly and helpful to hunters.  Also, he has ran into a few NGPC officers in Nebraska that helped point him in the right direction for finding good turkey populations. 

On the negative side, a friend of the family got in trouble for shooting a deer from the road, and that situation turned into a nightmare.  The short, and probably biased version of the story, is that he had surgery on his foot about a week or so before hunting season, and he did not want to give up his rifle deer license while he recovered.  When he was turned in, he cooperated fully with the officers, openly admitting to what he did wrong.  He ended up getting a whole list of charges brought against him, including poaching, the Sampson Law (poaching a "trophy" animal), and abandonment of game (which he only did because the wildlife officer explicitly instructed him to leave the animal in the field). 

I realize we probably have a few ex/current wildlife officers on this forum, and it would be interesting to hear from them as well.


I understand and completely agree with Critter.  But, your story about the friend of your family is the exact reason I don't trust cops or anyone in law enforcement.  As far as DOW officers go - never had any bad run-in with any here in Colorado, in fact all dealings with them in this state have been fairly good ones.  But I have had two really bad seperate experiences in Montana.  It really is frightening when an officer has you in his sights for one reason or another and knowing that this guy is trying to ruin your life for any reason he can find no matter how minor.  I always follow the law and the rules, but that didn't seem to stop these DOW officers from trying to ruin our hunt.  Worst part is that one of the officers who gave us a rough time was an officer who we had initiated contact with for some information on the area.  It only further soured my opinion of lawmen.  Truthfully I believe one big thing that saved us both times was the fact the I'm good friends with a few cops so I know how they think and how to act and talk when dealing with them, it's amazing the information you can pickup and use to your advantage just by associating with cops long enough. Maybe both DOW officers thought I might have been in law enforcement myself just by the way I handled it and responded to them.  I still like too think most of them are good guys.  I just can't trust them.  Sorry to sound so negative about it, but you asked. Big smile

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I have had both !!!!!

I have had both good and bad experiences through out my hunting carreer. I am just lucky that usually the good outways the bad.  ::laugh2