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Wild Turkey Thanksgiving

Road kill dillas are all over the place down there and in arkansas. In some stretches you can't see the stripes in the road for all the blood. Its really nasty, I guess there's just not much they can do about it.
My wife said she saw on the news a few years ago about the turkies dying from noises. I guess they interviewed a guy around thanksgiving that raised them and he explained why there's so many more people that raise cattle and it was because the turky are sooooo stupid it takes more to keep them alive and well.

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Wild Turkey Thanksgiving

On the other end of things, you'd think that if loud noises caused prey species to spontaneously expire, predators would be a lot louder and make sudden movements, rather than being slow and stealthy.

As for genetically manipulated deer, I can only imagine the AR call for more humane horns on cars. Of course, at the other end of the spectrum would be the bubbas that would send off to JC Whitney for air horns in the 400 dB range to put on the truck.

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