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Wild pigs officially confirmed in NYS by DEC

If this has been posted on BGH, I missed it.  

NY DEC has officially confirmed that feral swine are breeding in Tioga, Cortland and Onondaga counties and is developing strategies for eradicating feral swine from New York.  Here's DEC's Feral Swine (http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/70843.html) webpage.

I found this part interesting:

"In New York, people with a small game license may shoot and keep feral swine at any time and in any number. All other hunting laws and firearms regulations are still in effect when shooting feral swine."

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No surprise.  They will

No surprise.  They will launch an all out war, and will let anyone with a valid license shoto them. It's actually that way in a few different states, who are hoping that they will not spread.

However, if they are established already, there is no turning back.  Good for the hunters, not good for the crops.

Hopefully they will make their way over the lake to me.... Wink