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Wild Hogs in New York

Has anyone actually seen or taken any yet? I have access to Hog dogs and guided in Immokalee Fla for years. If you have seen sign let me know and we will load up!!!!!!

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Hogs in NY

I killed the hogs in my profile pic in Long Eddy, NY. But I just got lucky and stumbled upon them tearing up the ground in the middle of a field. They literally walked out of the tall grass about 40 yards in front of me. They looked at me, huddled together and approached me very aggressively with mom taking the lead. I raised my Marlin Model 60SS and 5 of the 6 wound up in the back of my truck. Mom got away; but she got hit three times before she made it back to the tall grass. Pretty sure she died but I couldn't find her though.

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They are officially breeding in three New York State counties.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has officially confirmed that feral swine are breeding in three New York State counties. Here's DEC's site on it: Feral Swine (http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/70843.html) it's official!


 I THINK THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Hopefully I'll get a chance to hunt them soon Thumbs up

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