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Wild fires

Think about it. you've got a whole range covered in smoke, where are the elk going to go? Out into the valley? They're still there. According to the harvest repors in Id.16,350 bowhunters took to the woods in 2003, in 2004 there were 19,519. And thats just for elk. More and more people are invading the forests with bugles, bows and hootchie mamas in hand every yhear. What I think you are experiencing is post opener syndrome where elk feel the pressure from the ever growing horde of bowhunters and high tail it for their deepest darkest holes. Try looking up on the mountain and deciding which spot is the very place you would rather die than hike into much less pack an elk out of. That's probably where the elk are. Every mountain has these places and they usually involve high altitude cliffs, octopus brush, thorns and the occasional sasquatch. Honestly you just need to get away from other hunters. It may meen packing back in as far as possible. Many people = 0 elk.

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Wild fires

That's a very good point h_ talbot. Game animals can certainly feel when hunting season is comming, it's almost as if they have it marked on a calender. Not many people are willing to go to the areas that you described. And honestly I'm not sure I would be either for an animal as large as an Elk. That's one of the cool things about hunting though, he who works the hardest stands the best chance for success. But I am on board in that I think these fires will be good for the habitat in the long run as long as we don't have too many fires year after year. Forest definately need to burn from time to time.

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