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Wild Boars for Beginners

This year we (my dad and I) are interested in wildboar hunting. I have heard that there is an open season for them, and I have a few questiuons. 1. Where should I look for them(ie)habitat, feeding grounds also where in southern sask they are. 2. Is my .303 too big? Is Dad's .308 too big? 3. How to hunt them (Still hunting, calling, etc.) 4.how, or do you score them?
Thanx in advance

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Wild Boars for Beginners

they will look for good feeding ground with acorns and other nuts in the woods. agricultural land such as corn are a favorite of them also. when it gets hot in the spring and summer look for wallows where they will go to cool themselves off and cake themselves with mud to ward off insects. you can spot and stalk hunt them stand hunting is kinda tough. they are callable. i perfer using hounds(don't know anything about canadinan game laws.) or you can bait them with some corn blends.
hope you find this info helpful.

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Wild Boars for Beginners

Your 303 British and 308 Winny are not too big for wild boar, just use heavy for caliber bullets that are well constructed.

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