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Wild boar hunting in florida

This story happened back in the 1970's when I was in the military.I was station at Mac Dill AFB in Tampa Florida.One weekend about 4 of us and my friend that his dad had a huge ranch in southern florida invited us to camp out and fish for the weekend.We got their set up camp and fishing in the myaka river with the everglades on the other side of the river. While fishing the river we heard my friends two pit bulls fighting and barking so we took of to see what was going on.They had a huge wild boar by the head, is was screaming and had huge teeth.I thought it was going to kill the dogs but they had done this before.And so had my friend.He pulled out his buck knife and got to the hog or boar and as the dogs held it he slit it throat.I was ready to climb a tree because this thing was 3 or 400 pounds.We had to pull the dogs off after it was dead so we could clean and carry it back to his dads house.Thank goodness for the dogs cause we had no guns with us except a knife.Got to admitt it scared the ---- out of me.  

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Neat story. That's a little

Neat story. That's a little too close for comfort. But if any dog can do it, a pit bull sure can!

crowsfoot, what job did you hold in the Air Force? My brother retired from the AF. It was nice to visit him in different parts of the coutry and hunt new areas.

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USAF aircraftmechanic

I worked on alot of different fighters all over the world.Then for Cessna Aircraft when I got out.

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Woulda scared the ____ out of

Woulda scared the ____ out of me too..... Yes

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