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wild boar hunting

are there any populations of wild boar in and around eastern ohio?

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Re: wild boar hunting


Me and my buddies went hog and varmit hunting out around Athens a couple times but we never spotted any. They are very smart and alert, there are so few that its hard to find them. Hunters who have land are the ones who usually kill them because they spot them on thier land and they know the vacinity that one or more are in.

From what i read you have to hide to kill a boar, because they'll hear and spot you before you spot them. since there are so few your chances of going out in some woods and finding and killing one are slim.

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Drive south

We're covered with them, I look hard to try and find leases without them.
Most of the WMAs in sojuth Ga,Fla have great numbers of hogs. The Mountains have good numbers of hogs,but you have to work you tail off getting on them and getting one out is an adventure all by its self.

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Nice hogs

only have Havalina here in AZ