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Wife's first elk hunt!

Another good year for our family. My wife went on her first hunt ever. She drew a cow elk tag in 108,109, 121 in Nevada. My daughter also drew the same tag. All three of us set out to see what we could do. We hunted all day Friday and Saturday. Both days we saw elk and actually got to put in several stalks but couldn't close the deal. On the third day we tried a new spot where I had seen elk on previous deer hunts. It was a gamble because where we were hunting typically held more elk. On a scouting trip just the weekend before I had shot video of no less than 40 elk. But as usual on opening weekend they disappeared. On the morning of our last day we made our way to the new location. We got off to a late start so we were just getting to the new spot just as the sun was coming up. I pulled over to glass a distant hill for any signs of wapiti and wouldn't you know it I spot a lone elk. I moved into s batch of trees to get a closer look and spotted several more elk. I told my wife and daughter its on! The elk were feeding on a hill about 1/4 mile away moving from right to left. They were currently in a burn area but headed directly into some thick pinions. We had plenty of cover leading up to the hill but we had to boogie to get there before they got into the thick stuff. Just as we made it to the base of the hill the last of the elk disappeared into the pinions. As we started to parallel the hill to hopefully get a head of the elk for a shot in the open the elks bugle indicated there we headed directly down the hill in our direction. We had just enough time to grab cover before we heard and caught glimpse of the first elk. Before we knew it we were surrounded by elk. The area we were in was very thick and didn't provide many clear shots. Tons of elk but no clear shot. An elk walked into a lane 30yds directly in front of my wife. Un-noticed by the elk my wife took aim and shot her first big game animal. My daughter didn't fill her elk tag but did fill her deer tag a couple weeks later. congratulations to the lovely ladies!!!

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Congrats to all ! Thumbs up The ladies definitely had a awesome year.


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Congrats on your harvest.

Congrats on your harvest. Thanks for sharing.

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Great stuff!!! Big congrats!

Great stuff!!! Big congrats! ...and def thanks for sharing!!!

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Way to go ladies. Hope you

Way to go ladies. Hope you have many more enjoyable hunts, whether you harvest an animal or not. Great to see your family enjoying the outdoors together. My wife will cook and eat the game and sometimes stay at the camp, but she's not a hunter.

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Wow that is a great year.

Wow that is a great year. Congratulations to both of the ladies on filling their tags. Maybe next year your daughter will fill that elk tag too.

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Thanks for sharing your hunt

Thanks for sharing your hunt with us. It's a wonderful blessing to be able to hunt with family. Those smiles says it all. Congratulations to all of you. Looks like your freezer will be full this winter. 

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Yes, congrats to the lovely

Yes, congrats to the lovely ladies!!

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Lady hunters

Wow that's pretty awesome for the ladies! Congrats to them and you on having two women willing to hunt with you. I know that doesn't happen very often for most hunters. I'm still working on just getting one out.

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Way to go!

Fine job by the ladies getting it done! Big time congrats to them and you the guide on a job well done!

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Round Of Applause

A round of applause to you, the Guide and Mentor, and the two special ladies in your life. You all done good! Congratulations!


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