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Wicked Tough Hand Saw

I recently picked up a new saw. I use saws a lot hunting and camping but really put a saw through some stuff preparing for hunting season. I Have to trim out stands and cut shooting lanes back. I have never found a quality saw that holds up very well. I end up breaking 1-2 a year.

This year I saw a hunter had came up with a design called the wicked tough hand saw so I picked one up. I’m very satisfied with this saw and highly recommend it if you are looking for a hunting or camping folding hand saw.

I did a video review going over the saw and some clips of some of the cutting we did. I have used this saw for the past month and trimmed out over 5 different bow stands and opened up a lot of shooting lanes. The blade is still sharp.

Link to video review


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Coo stuff.  It's always neat when people come with new stuff or try to improve upon existing stuff.

I myself however have never had any issue with any quality made traditional saw.  It's all in how you use the tool and maintain it.  Doesn't matter if it's a folding camp saw, bone saw, bow saw, cross-cut saw, rip saw. For decades, even for centuries, woodsman and luberjacks had used rip and cross cut saws made of high carbon steel that were often very thin bladed in cross section and they didn't damage these tools from regular use.  When the tool dulled, they sharpened it or had it sharpened. 

But I guess there is nothing wrong with making a sportsmans saw easier or safer to carry.

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