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Wi DNR Looks Bad in The Media

Well, looks like the WI DNR finally is under file for some poor deer management.
On the net, in the papers and on TV they are getting hit pretty hard. Personally I think, "finally".

So how was your season, and what's everyone else's opinion on this???

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Wi DNR Looks Bad in The Media

Can you post a link to a specific article or website? Thanks.

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Wi DNR Looks Bad in The Media

I would agree its about time they take some heat. they have desimated the herd with Earn a Buck and there wolf program. Numbers dont lie.

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WI Hunters Vs WI DNR

I have read a lot of news, articles and testimony from several different people including the legislators that are pushing for change in the Wisconsin deer hunting sport.

Here is a link to the testimony from WI DNR Secretary Matt Frank


I agree it is time to revisit the herd management strategy but I dont believe the DNR is 100% at fault. The tools they use are based on history and statistics which if we call take a moment to think through, history changes and statistics have a +/- error % built in. Lets put the heat on the DNR to revisit their methods not just calling them out. What they have done can be corrected so lets give them a chance. If it doesnt work, then hunters should be given a chance to give ideas on how to correct it.


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Re: Wi DNR Looks Bad in The Media

Of course they have been taking hits-and well deserved ones also-- once the clown Doyle is gone mayber we can move the direstor of DNR out of Govners purview and make it less political--and stop the Insurance comp. influence on decisions affecting our deer herd.