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Why the skepticism for short round

As reloaders. We understand that there are minimal differences, in performance, between standard size rounds and their shorter cased counterpart.
30-06 and 308, 280 and 7-08, 300wm and 300wsm being a few that seem to show up regularly in topic.
With the exception of a very, very slight difference in fps and fpe. There is virtually no difference in field performance, on game, at typical shooting distances with typical hunting bullet weight.
Now, with the heavy weight bullets, in each caliber. The shorter cases do fall a bit shy in performance, but most don't use the heavy for cal weights for their hunting.

Why is there doubt in whether a 308 or a 7-08 will perform as well as a 30-06 or a 280 or any other comparisons, on game?

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Why the skepticism for short round

I may be wrong, but, I always thought the "discussion" was just for the sake of discussion. I think of it as the King of the Hill Syndrome (my gun is better than yours).

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Why the skepticism for short round

I think it's because this is America and we know for a fact that bigger is better. That said I prefer the 308 to the 30-06. Love the 280 but love the 7x57 even more. Didn't care much for the 264 mag but like my 6.5-06 a great deal and have had a long term affair with the 6.5x55. I'm srazy about my 25-06 but today I think I'd rather a 250/3000.

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Why the skepticism for short round

Because people have to justify to themselves that they didn't waste their money by buying that new, going to do wonders, so close to what I already got, rifle.
And every qualified expert that tells them something they don't want to hear is dismissed as a fool, but the idiot gawking at a gun rack for the first time and agrees with any suggestion, merely for the purpose of conversation....well....that's the opinion that shall not be overruled.
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