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Why Obama Voted Against Roberts

I was reading the letters to the editor at the WSJ and ran across this:


which led to this:


The bottom line is that despite being impressed with Robert's legal knowledge, his thought process, appreciation of different points of views, etc; Obama did not vote for Robert's because he felt Robert's heart was not in the right place (my words). In Obama's words that Roberts had supported the strong instead of the weak in those roughly 5% (Obama's estimate) of cases where "the constitutional text will not be directly on point".

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Why Obama Voted Against Roberts

And Justice Robert's record on the court have born out those concerns in my opinion.

To quote Obama's words exactly from the letter, "it is my personal estimation that he has far more often used his formidable skills on behalf of the strong in opposition to the weak"

Not as if Roberts had simply made a choice between the two but as if he'd advocated on behalf of the powerfull.

Thankfully the framers of the constitution realized that appointments to the SCOTUS would be a matter of wether an appointment was of a sufficient moral fibre in the eyes of the person voting on the appointment. I only wish more had realized this when it came time to vote on Roberts.

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