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"Why I hunt" moments

Things are kinda quiet around here so I'll try and stimulate some conversation.

What is your favorite "Why I hunt" moment?


Mine would actually be 3 incidents as follows:

I had been in my stand for about 2 hours one evening when I heard bushes rustling, twigs snapping and the splash of water coming from the swamp behind me. Out from the swamp came a small yearling running wide open out into the clearing I was watching. Then he/she just plopped onto the ground behind a clump of Gallberry bushes. There it lay, head down and perfectly still.

Again from behind me I heard water splashing and I got excited and readied my gun thinking a buck was chasing a doe and would be out in the open any second now. But, alas, only another yearling and 3 does emerged. One doe was the matriarch doe and I have watched her for the past 5 years as she bedded usually within my sight from my stand. As she and the others fanned out feeding, the small yearling suddenly sprang up and ran at the old doe and head butted her in her side with enough force that I could hear the wind being knocked outta her. The Yearling then ran around jumping and darting every which way and just as suddenly plopped down again behind some palmettos and just lay there perfectly still again. After several minutes it again jumped up and ran at the old doe again and head butted her in her hind end and ran around jumping and darting around before taking aim at the old doe again. She was having none of that this time, as the yearling got close enough she reared up onto the hind legs and proceeded to beat the snot out of that little rambunctious yearling. It just lay there for a few minutes with her standing over it until she meandered away and he finally got up and slowly fed around as with the others.


Number 2 moment was when I watched 2 Bobcats wander out of the same swamp and sat on an old fallen tree and started grooming themselves and each other as well.

I had always wanted a Bobcat mount and decided to take the big male that was brightly colored with slashes of white along his side. However as I readied for the shot both of them stood on their hind legs and embraced one another with the male seemingly stroking the female on her head and back with one of his paws. They stood there hugging each other for at least a minute, mabe 2. Knowing that Bobcats mate for life and seeing that.....I still do not have a Bobcat mount.


Number 3 is similar to number 1 but involved a Raccoon family. Out of the same swamp came a momma coon leading her 4 babies along the waters edge. One of the babies ran ahead of the others and climbed a small sapling pine tree and waited until the others were underneath him and then bailed out of the tree onto another small ones back and commenced to really ripping on him. Momma coon whirled around and ran over and snatched his Lil behind off of his sibling and whipped the snot out of him while giving him a good scolding. After she was done with him he wandered off a few yards from he others and leaned against a tree and just sat there sulking until the others got out of sight at which time he hurried along after them.


There are a couple of mine, what are yours?

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Why I Hunt

My most memorable "Why I Hunt " moment occured years ago as I was pre-baiting for bear season.  I had emptied a 100# flour sack of bakery products about 25 yards in front of my blind and was sitting in the blind watching to see what was coming to the bait so that I did not shoot a sow with cubs when the season opened. The bakery contained , among other products, several dozen doughnuts.  A several hundred pound boar walked out at the main bait site, sniffed it and then noticed the pile of bakery. He walked up to it (directly facing me) and stuck a paw in and found a doughnut. He then plopped down on his butt with his legs spread out and proceeded to fish every single doughnut out of that bakery pile with his paw. I hadn't realized how much dexterity a bear has in its paw.  The doughnuts were the only thing he ate out of that pile of bakery.

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You suck JT.... I actually

You suck JT.... lol

I actually have a whole story written, titled, go figure, "Why I hunt".  I was going to save it for later, but maybe I will have to post it.  It won't look so original now though.....

My 3, quickly would be....

1)  Sitting in a tree on the edge of a meadow, I see a hawk circling around the field.  I am able to make some animal sounds with my mouth, so I let out a grey squirrel call.  I know that birds of prey are known for their eyesight, and not hearing, but that hawk landed just up the treeline from me a hundred yards or so (and slightly uphill).  Well, I am looking at it, calling a few more times. All of a sudden, the hawk jumps out of the tree, gives a few flaps of it's wings, and comes soaring right at my tree.  I sit there stunned, and he flies right into the branches towards my face.  I can't imagine how big my eyes got, as I flailed my arms, and he pulled up and took off out over the field, shrieking all the way.

2)  I had been back in Vermont hunting a few days during November rifle season.  I have only shot 4 deer in my 20+ years of hunting, but I still at least like to see some.  I even go as far as saying a prayer askign God to at least let me see something, kinda to pass the time.  Well, it hadn't been a good week (few deer seen), but on the last evening, a half hour before dark or so, I caught movement coming into the orchard.  As they got closer, I realized it was 2 button bucks.  They proceeded to eat appleas all around me until dark, causing me to delay my departure.  I left there that evening feeling very satisfied, even though it was another season without a deer.

3)  I can't really narrow down a third, but it can be any number of things.  All of my hunts, whether solo, with family, or friends, are special.  One small, trivial thing I like, is every evening where I hunt back in Vermont, and actually I have seen in other places, I would get "visited" by a flock of finches or chickadees.  They would be making their way through the woods, chirping, hopping tree to tree.  Sometimes, they'd land on a branch within inches of you, and look at you funny before moving off.

Another one of my favorite things is simply honking geese.  I love sitting in a stand int he fall, hearing some distant honking arise, then getting closer and closer, until they are right overhead, and you can't even hear yourself think.  That's pretty cool too.

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