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Why I Hunt (feature article)

January 2009 Feature Article:

Why I Hunt

- By Jeff Filler a.k.a. Serious Hunter

We all have our reasons to hunt. Perhaps the first reason, historically anyway, is for food. But there are other reasons, or more reasons to hunt, as well, especially since most of us can deal with the 'food' part at the local grocery store. So here are my reasons to hunt. Some may overlap with yours, some may not, and you may have other reasons. And my reasons might change. Feel free to comment, you may have a different order of reasons. Read more...

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Why I Hunt (feature article)

I enjoyed you article very much, thank you for taking the time to articulate so well many of the reasons hunting is so enjoyable for so many of us.

My only disagreement is:

"In reality most of us probably hunt along a continuum between the extremes of 'only for' meat and 'only for' the trophy. "

That's certainly not my reality nor the reality of the vast majority of resident Yukoners and I would even venture to say residnet Alaskan folks. Certainly many people come up to these areas in order to trophy hunt, and there are some phenominal specimens of game animals to be found, but the fact remains that the first measurment people ask about up here is "how much fat was still on it"

Again, your article was very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it



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Why I Hunt (feature article)

Okay, then ...

13. For the Fat ...


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Why I Hunt (feature article)

Great article and points. Thanks!

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Why I Hunt (feature article)

I hunt to feed my imagination, It make me feel superior than other things on earth, I guess this is the only reason why I hunt.. Evil!

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