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Why I Hunt

I had someone ask me the other day why I hunt?

That caused me to do some deep thinking, and I think pride is my best answer. I enjoy eating things I grow in my garden. It provides a measure of self-sufficiency and accomplishment that going to the local grocery store doesn't. The same can be said of hunting, in that I have to harvest the animal, and there are no guarantees that I will be successful.

While I could go to the store and purchase my meat, it doesn't reward one with the same taste, or even the self satisfaction of using one's skill, knowledge, and luck to acquire what one consumes. I will state that I am a meat hunter first. Maybe that's because I haven't taken enough game to grow bored with filling my freezer when I get the opportunity. I also hunt predators, but for a different reason. That reason is purely selfish, and I will admit that. Coyotes kill calves, antelope, elk, and deer. All of those are animals I like cooked and on my plate. That means that to ensure that I have something to eat, I take the opportunity to shoot coyotes whenever I can.

Society has become removed from nature, and while I live in a city, I do my best to get back to my roots as often as I can. For me that means open space, mountains, cattle ranches, and making do with what nature gives you while adapting to the conditions. We no longer consider where our meat comes from, being that we are so far removed from the process of harvesting it. I have been away from hunting, outside of some predator control hunting here in the states and down under, but that is fast changing. I have my wife, a true farmer's daughter, to thank for that. She started a garden and I enjoyed eating what she grew so much that it morphed in to wanting to harvest my own meat and become more self sufficient.

This will be a journey as I embark on new hunting adventures to fill my freezer like I used to.



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Nice write up!  I hunt

Nice write up!  I hunt because of many reasons.  The one i love the most to tell people, is i hunt because i can!!  I love the chase of wildlife and knowing that if i kill it i get to grill it!  I also like to tell people the storys that come with hunting big game.  Writing this makes me think of all the years and all the hunts.  It puts a smile on my face everytime i think about it, now how many things really make poeple smile like that.  I hunt also because my dad showed me how, and spending time with him in the woods every year chase game, brings us closer and closer every time. 

I Hunt because it Makes ME Happy and that all it counts.  not what other people say and do.

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Absolutely spot on!  Try

Absolutely spot on!  Try telling any of these animal rights nuts about how much we, as hunters, respect and flat out know about natuee, and they will throw a fit.

I love harvesting my own food, whether it's through hunting or growing my own, or even picking wild stuff.  I pick fiddleheads, wild berries, etc.  I think it gives you a sense of accomplishment that you can do it on your own.

I am not a predator hunter, for mainly the reason that I will only kill what I eat.  However, i can see your and other people's reasoning for doing so.

Great write-up!

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