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Why bother with facepaint?

I'm new to hunting, but I've been in tha army for 18 years and, unlike many of these younger soldiers, actually spent lots of time in facepaint and I am having trouble understanding the reasoning behind people's camouflage attempts. Personally, while bowhunting I wear a camo facemask, but for those who use paint, why do so many throw a few symmetrical strips of black or green on their face and call it good? is thia an actual attempt to control our shine and pale face, or isit more of a "warpaint" sort of mentality?

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Welcome to the site, and

Welcome to the site, and thank you for your service.  As for face paint, I think it's simply to break up the contrast of someone's bright, round face, from the stuff around it.  Deer see movement and variations of light/dark, so that if you have a big white face turning in the midst of a group of brush, leaves, whatever, it looks out of place to them.  I think the streaks make it look like alternating leaves/sunlight/branches/whatever, anything but a face.

Personally, I like facepaint versus a mask because I can't hear too well when I wear a mask.  If it is a full mask, and is over my ears, every time I turn my head side to side, I get a muffling, swichy sound.  Bugs me to no end. 

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I think it is a bit of both

I think it is a bit of both with an edge to the folks who think it is cool to wear it. Covering the face does make sence in some situations but for the most part it is "TO BE COOL" IMO. Even during my 31 years in the Army I have seen it as more of a waste of time and paint than having a purpose.

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It has always been

It has always been interesting to me that hunters will spend hundreds of dollars on cammo and then not bother to cover up or break up their face. I usually wear paint just to break up all the white of my face. I don't cover it completely but just enough that you don't see a ball of white with two eyes sitting there.

I have never liked the mask, even the light netted ones but I do use a light one when I am hunting spring turkeys.

I will say one thing, years ago when I had first started bow hunting I saw a nice buck coming up the draw to wards me. When he got within my shooting range I drew back on my bow and was about to let the arrow fly when just over the bucks back I saw the white face of a 7-10 year old kid. If I would of shot at that buck and missed or even if the arrow would of passed through completely that kid just may of ended up with my arrow in him. That white face save me any problems. How he and his dad got to where they were without me seeing them I still can't figure out but they did.

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I only use it

When bow hunting and as the other hunters stated its definitely to stop the light bulb effect of my face. I use a mask when predator hunting with a rifle and would have used it when bow hunting cept for one big thing. It affected my anchor point, it felt funny and ackward, and hindered my accuracy to have the mask material against my cheek and ear where I anchor. I switched to paint and voila problem solved. When your having close encounters as close as ten yards at times with an elkcoming in to your call you want to be as concealed camoed as possible. So no 'cool' factor for me just a practical factor.

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