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3 legged deer

You defeinitely made the right call.  My first buck was carrying a hind leg broke beneath the hock and it had been broke for at least a week.  Whoever shot him in the leg had absolutely no claim on him and I wouldn't even consider surrendering him to someone else!


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No way that is hunter

No way that is hunter #1's


Now I've been in this situation , shot a buck, 181" buck, with bow, ran 125 yards to the stand the guy i was hunting with was hunting.  He claims it stopped with its head down and mouth open, he shot and missed, it stood there, he took his time, calmed down, got another arrow and shot again this time hitting it and it trotted off, not ran off, trotted another 100 ayrds and fell over.

he claimed it was his deer, I was unaware of Indiana law and since it was his permission to hunt at this farm and he drove I felt pressured to let him tag it only to later find out he pulled the wool over my eyes and I should ahve tagged it. 

We are no longer friends unfortunatly


But in this case a day later the guy cannot claim it, especially if it was a non lethal shot

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