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I agree.   The reality is

I agree.


The reality is that there are alot of hunters out there who are just as big a bunch of trash as you will find in any other segment of life. All kinds of folks come to Maine and hunt.....it's the bad ones we here about more. The three guys from Connecticuit who threatened my cousin after he trailed his deer to them. Oh he heard a shot, from someone. But they made it quite clear they were claiming the deer......period. All three postured with their guns that they were ready for a show down. Deliverence in reverse.

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Who does the deer belong too?

I belive that the deer belong too the hunter who kills the animal. But if this individual call in and says he will help track the deer that person should help find the animal, and if needed finish the deer off so the amimal dosnt suffer anymore. But because he know that he was there to help his fellow club members find a deer that they had shot, that would have eventually lead to a fatal shot, then that individual should not claim that deer. He should give the deer to those who had the first fatal shot.

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I took my cousin to take his

I took my cousin to take his hunter safety course last night and this was discussed during the class. Florida has some rule that says the hunter who drew first blood would be the one who has legal right to the deer.

Now if it turned into and argument like what would probably happen here the wildlife officer said it would be best to split the meat up. and the person who took first blood gets the head and antlers...

That is straight from the horses mouth for floirda anyways.

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I guess it is pretty easy to

I guess it is pretty easy to make an argument in either direction. The person that put the first bullet into animal was more than likely the first person to spot the animal. The hardest part of hunting is finding and getting within range of the animals that we pursue. The shot is more often than not the easy part. So the guy that shot the animal the first time can claim that he did the hardest part of the hunt by finding and getting within range of the animal. BUT....

The person that put the final bullet into the animal actually killed the animal. Depending on the circumstances, the animal might have gotten away and may have never been found and used if the second hunter did not find it and shoot it. He also was the one that ended the animals suffering. If it was a poor shot... it was the first hunter that started the animals suffering.

I am having a hard time really making a call. Maybe one day I will be put in this situation and I guess I will have to take a stance. I sure hope I am never put in that situation though. It does not sound like fun. Until then I don't know if I can make a call either way.

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I agree with the majority of

I agree with the majority of the prior replies.  The final shot and first man to the deer should have legal possession.  The other hunters might not have ever found teh deer even if it was lethally hit.  That said, he has an ethical obligation to share that deer with the other hunters.  an experienced hunter would and should give that deer to a youngster if one of the first shooters was new to hunting.

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here in NY legally this first

here in NY legally this first licensed hunter with a legal tag that TOUCHES the deer owns it.he or she never even has to fire a shot.but with that being said if everything in the original post is correct i would say hunter #3 should have given up the deer.to the original poster it is good to see that your 2 sons are learning from someone who cares what the right thing is and i hope you used this situation to school them as it seems hunter number 3 would be a terrible example to them.


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