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Who'll be sporting new synthetic (or wood) this year?

We picked up some new "hunting tools" this past off-season:

The first a Mossberg 4X4 in 7 Rem Mag for stepson. At first I was a bit skeptical, but this is what he really wanted. What a nice little rifle for the price - from the bench I can put a three-shot group at a hundred yards that a fifity cent piece will cover... This is to be his first year elk hunting with us. He's been shooting it VERY well. We've also had him practicing shooting a 5 gallon bucket at 100 yards while standing. We topped with with a fixed 4X Pentax.

The second, a new Savage 25/06 for those 'yotes/pronghorn/smaller deer. I've never had a rifle in this smaller caliber before but LOVE it! Tossed on a 6.5X20X50 piece of glass on top of this one. As an added bonus wife now goes to range with me and really enjoys shooting this "almost recoil-less" little gem. She looks pretty hot out there too (wife that is!) Shame on You!

Last, but not least, the newest and my real baby; Tikka T3 Lite stainless (also in 7 Rem Mag - boy and I can share ammo as an added bonus) as my own new larger deer/elk rig. Got her out for first time last weekend - OMG, this one's a keeper for sure. Tossed on the DNZ one-piece scope mount, a 4x12 Lupy, and a precision fit Limbsaver pad on it. There's no doubt this baby will be seeing a LOT of time in the Rockies for years to come Yes

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Who'll be sporting new synthetic (or wood) this year?

Sounds like some nice guns! Thumbs up

I added a Browning 300 WSM. X Bolt Stalker S.S. with a Lepold 3.5x10x50 B.C. recticle for my elk hunt this year.

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Who'll be sporting new synthetic (or wood) this year?

I got me a new Ruger Mark II .300 wsm with a Nikon Monarch 3x9x50 scope

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Who'll be sporting new synthetic (or wood) this year?

I'm always sporting wood.............

But this year, i've added a New Weatherby Mk 5 in 300 Wthby mag to the stable. Might give it a workout this fall.

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Who'll be sporting new synthetic (or wood) this year?

Finished what should have been last years elk rifle back in March, so this will be her first season out. It's a custom Remington 700, .358 Norma Mag, 24" Douglas # Barrel, Bell and Carlson Alaska Hunter II with the Dura Touch coating, Shilen trigger, Talley Lightweight Mounts, glass bedded. I gotta hurry up and put a better scope on her, but as she stands right now, she weighs 7.65 pounds scoped. And of course I'll be bringing my baby along, last year's custom job, the blueprinted Remington 700 .264 Win Mag (long throat), 27.5" Lilja #3, maple stock w/ custom Laurel Mountain Forge stain, sealer and finish, glass bedded, tuned trigger, talley lightweights, Nikon 4.5-14x40. Weighs 9.2 lbs scoped. Shot two elk and a deer with her last year because the norma wasn't done yet.
Here they be:

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Who'll be sporting new synthetic (or wood) this year?
Boobzilla wrote:
I'm always sporting wood.............

You must be young Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh

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