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Who were the greatest bear hunters in history?

I need some help!

I'm a Scandinavian outdoors writer compiling a series of articles under the title "Believe it or not". For these articles I'm gathering information of great hunters and their achievement throughout the history of hunting. I have plenty of material concerning European, African and Asian hunters, but very little on America.

Who were the greates bear hunters in American history? How many animals did they bag? When, where etc...? I'm also interested in facts about remarkable shots, personal hunting skills and amazing anecdotes of the hunt.

Any hints to further information in books, articles or online would be highly appreciated!

Thank you


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Re: Who were the greatest bear hunters in history?

Fred Bear, is the main one I know of and he is also the one who brought Archery to life for us as we know it today.
He hunted lots of different animals including Grizzles and Polar bears with a sick and string.

Here's a link to some cool info about Fred Bear.


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Re: Who were the greatest bear hunters in history?

Here in Washington, we have a local lend named Ralph Flowers. I am not sure if he would qualify as a bear hunter, as he was more of a killing machine.
As a "forest protection agent" in Washington State, he was a proffessional hunter for over 20 years and logged over 2000 working days, in addition to his own time, hunting bears.
He has killed over 1000 bears in his career, and was the local "expert" on bears and their behavior, having many of his studies used as reference by regional game departments.
Because he performed his duties in the '50s and '60s a lot of his practices would not be acceptable today, but still, I suggest reading his book "The Education of a Bear Hunter"

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Re: Who were the greatest bear hunters in history?

Another would be Ralph Flowers mentor Bill Hulet. Probably killed more black bears than anyone.

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Re: Who were the greatest bear hunters in history?

Keep in mind too all those great bear hunters that exisited long before hunting was recreational. Native Americans, the Vikings, etc.......and they didn't have biggame magnum rifles at their disposal. They used spears, bows etc.

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