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Who says WSMs can't shoot?

Captain O.
Made up and unsupported claims are not facts.
You may want to consider an enema. It will help clear up your thinking process.
Rounds designed around the 338wm, 30-06, 308win and 284win cases have all had long range records. Built on custom rifles.
As it is now. The wsm case is without question. The leader in long range performance.
Of the list of cases used to produce long range performance. There is only one belted. The rest are all non belted and in the design of the belted case, the belt was not utilized. They were design to head space at the shoulder. They were simply chosen for capacity.
Of the variety of the cases used. The majority of them have been of the short case design. The design of the 6.5/284 was so successful that the idea of increasing capacity with a fatter case of relative length was successful. Without doubt.
The inherent accuracy of the short case with a larger capacity. What a concept. And a successful one at that.
Not only is the wsm an accurate round. It will produce equal or greater energy with 10% less powder than a comparable belted rounds.
This doesn't make the belted rounds any lesser. It simply shows that the times they are a changin. For the better.
In the hunting arena. Most any round from 270 up can be considered for all around. It just so happens that the wsm does it with greater efficiency and inherent accuracy.

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Who says WSMs can't shoot?
Captain_Obvious wrote:
All they give you is the same performance you were already getting, just with a new case, new name, and a different gun.

I believe this statement is basically correct with a few exceptions.

1.) WSM cases are a bit more efficient with certain powders when compared to there non-belted counterparts, as Fuzzy has noted here and in other places.

2.) The WSM case design, while not original, is inherently more accurate. However the lever of accuracy difference probably in the 1/8 of MOA range (or much less) assuming everything else is equal (everything else being the gun, powder, bullet, primer, etc). Furthermore if the brass is crap, any accuracy gain from a short fat case design will most likely be negated.

One of my biggests gripes against the WSM family is that the fat, straight, cases reduce your magazine capacity by a shot or two. But for the one-shot-one-kill crowd this is an irrelevant disadvantage.

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Who says WSMs can't shoot?

Fuzzybear, why don't you just consider being less of a mogoloid asswipe, who the hell told you it was ok to keep making insulting, inflammatory posts like you've done on this thread and a few others. If I didn't know better I'd say you're calling me out, which is a pretty stupid thing for you to do seeing as how I don't see you doing any of the stunts I have pulled.

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Who says WSMs can't shoot?

Here's a couple of my favourite insulting and ignorance phrases that you can use in case you run out:
(1)"Dispensing bullshit withouta permit"
(2)" Up your arse with a wire brush"
Or the two of you could simply sit back,take a look at yourselves and start acting a bit more responsible

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Who says WSMs can't shoot?

Since I don't see this topic going anywhere good all discussion will have to continue somewhere else. I'm locking this topic.

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