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Who out there makes their own jerky

Wondering who out there jerks their game meat?  I mean really smokes it not in an oven or dehydrator.  No liquid smoke either?  I use wood pellets in an electric smoker.  A Luhr Jensen Big Chief to be exact I love it!!!  Very good stuff.  Check out my video if interested its super easy and so good.  Would love for you all to post comments and suggestions on my video.



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I've smoked trout and jerky for well over 30 years. I started off using a Little Chief, then my hunting/fishing buddy and I built a smoker from an old refridgerator (which worked great until my ex-wife's son backed into it with his car and smashed the door), and I currently use one I made from plywood with a seperate wood stove (like the one a Canadian outfitter that I hunted with had).

I've tried a variety of home recipies, but have also made good tasting jerky from the commericial packages from Eastman's, Cabela's, and High Mountain.

It's very important not to cook it too long.

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You make it sound like using

You make it sound like using an oven, liquid smoke or a dehydrator is a bad thing. I use liquid smoke and a dehydrator and folks tell me it is some of the best jerky they have ever eaten. Now I do have and use a Little Chief for smoking all my trout and salmon. I like using the shaved wood more than the pellets as I find they burn better in the smaller smoker. Making jerky takes some time and I just do not have the time to smoke several pounds a jerky when I make a batch.

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I bought one of those Ronco

I bought one of those Ronco dehydrators over 25 years ago and have made quite a bit of jerky off of it.  It does dry the meat out a little bit more than I prefer but the jerky doesn't last too long after it is taken off of the rack. 

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I used to make my own. First

I used to make my own. First smoker was a large cardboard box and a hot plate in the basement. Whole house smelled like jerky! Went to a Little chief after that. Would go out and find old apple trees and cut blocks then rip the blocks with the chain saw and use the ripped shaving's.

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I've made several batches of

I've made several batches of jerky using ground meat mixed with the commercial cures/seasonings and dried in the oven for a couple of hours.  It's very easy to do and makes really good jerky.  The only downside I see is the nitrates used in the cure--kind of like eating hotdogs.  Since we don't make it too often, I don't worry too much about the nitrates too much.

I don't have a smoker and don't really want to get one right now.  So for us, using the oven and ground meat works great.

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we do, only way to go! old indian way, salt pepper, and hang out to dry!

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I do

here you go:



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4 Tray Nesco dehydrator from

4 Tray Nesco dehydrator from Walmart.  Cheap, easy, still working after all these years, and people love my jerky..... Wink

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The trick to jerky, my opinion, is what you soak the meat in before dehydrating and what spices you use. 

Soy Sauce and Tobasco with sea salt and pepper with just a pinch of brown sugar seems to go over well with most folks. I soak the venison in the sauce for at least 48 hours in the fridge. 

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