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Just to let you all know Whitetailer has a history of ripping people off on the internet by taking money or deposits for metal fabrication work and then not shipping the work. He does this oftten. He will go onto hunting sites, solicit new orders, take people money or deposits and then not ship the product or send a refund when requested. There are many many people on different forums that complain about him, including Bears East Forum and many others. Just be ware, he has a known history of doing this.

He recently did it to me and I don't want it to happen to others. He told me my product shipped 3 times and of course it never showed up. First time, he said someone stole it off his porch, second time his wife shipped it to the wrong address and the third time UPS picked it up but he could never provide tracking info to prove he actually shipped it. He is full of excuses as to why he did not ship, he is waaay behind...so why are you taking new orders Whitetailer?

I asked for my money back, he didn't give it back.

Please beware of Whitetailer!

He recently lost a mail order contract because the owners found out about his behavior. All I can say to that is neener! neener! neener!

This looks like a great site and I am looking forward to frequenting it. I am also very open to hear any dispute of the facts or rebuttle from Whitetailer.
By the way I have emails and phone transcripts to prove everything I just said!

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Good to have you here Thumbs up