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Spraying Down

We put our clothes in a bag of leafs and sticks,Then spray down.We also rub pine needles on our clothes.

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I know it's an old thread,

but it's new to me. I'm new to hunting, so still learning, but I know there's no way to completely eliminate odors with clothing. Reducing your signature is the same whether dealing with people or animals, except animals rely more on scentthan vision. It's a complete system that involves limiting movement, odor, and using natural and artificial camouflage.

I do wonder about commercial cover scents, like those Hunters Specialties wafers or the dirt scented spray and dryer sheets. I understand enzymed-based scent killing sprays, but I don't understand how those artificial cover odors don't alert deer.

One of the law enforcement courses I went to included how to interact with patrol and narc dogs and they explained an animal's ability to smell with the analogy that where we smell a Big Mac, the dog can smell each ingredient in the Big Mac and can be trained to hit on a particular ingedient. I don't know how many more or fewer scent receptors a deer has versus a dog, but it seems odd that artificial cover scents would actually work.

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