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Whitetail Rut 2010

Hi , what's the word on the peak of rut this year? I've heard it is either going to be very early , like right now , or very late. I have personally not seen any early signs yet. ??

  PS ; Please remember to vote next Tuesday.  

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Jim Spent the last 2 weekend

Jim Spent the last 2 weekend up in the central adk's so I cannot say here in CNY.  Found a decient buck last weekend (a miss in the thick stuff with the flintlock?).  This week that buck has a rub line that was not there last week so they are definetly gearing up.

Talked to your boy last week in BPS said you were hunting up to the fulten chain.  How did things go?

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How far "upstate" are you?  I

How far "upstate" are you?  I only ask, cause some guys call a half hour outside the city as "upstate".  My Dad has been seeing some very early signs starting up this week right up along the canadien border in Vermont.  Scrapes starting to show up and stuff.  We usually don't see the full fledged rut till the second week of November or so, but it's been cool enough lately, the might be thinking about it a little early.

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Hi Bear, I spent one day in

Hi Bear, I spent one day in the Seventh Lake area. Very nice in the woods but no action. I would like  to try and make it back up there when there is a little snow on the ground. I spent the rest of the week in the Happy Valley, and Tug Hill areas. Passed on a few flat heads but no bucks. It was still nice to be out in the woods.

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