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whitetail hunting

well, i was up near george west friday and saturday to hunt hogs, turkey and any whitetails that came by on my little ranchero. i sat until dark in the blind friday night, freezing my buns off ( please remember that average deer hunting temperature down here is 70-80 degrees and it was only 38!!!) i saw nothing so off to bed. up again at 0230 to watch the feeder for any hogs and saw nothing, still freezing in the blind. back to bed for two hours and up at o500 to get back into the blind. i watched the feeder area carefully and saw nothing. still freezing in the blind, but i looked out another window and saw movement off to the right. behold a deer. it now about 0640, with a 20 mile north wind, so i had the windows closed to survive. i carefully opened the window and the deer looked my way. it seemed like a doe of good size and all alone. i carefully put my rifle out the window, as the deer is 15-20 yards away and nowhere near the feeder about 110 yards away. the deer kept looking my way, so off with the safety, aimed right into the mid neck area, pulled the trigger and "click".
what is "click"????? racked the bolt, a cartridge is in place, aim, squeeze and "click" again. rack the bolt and the deer disappears, never to return. i shot the three rounds in the magazine later in the morning and had the top two rounds turn up duds, the last round fired just fine. two duds!!!! so, no venison steaks. this is the first time the remington corelokt has failed me in this 7mm-08. i think i will shoot the whole box off to see if more of them are duds. i think the ammo is about eight years old from when i bought 400 rounds to stock up.

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I think that the first thing

I think that the first thing that I would do is to take the bolt apart and give it a compleat cleaning and then try those rounds again.  I have ammo for my old 06 that is over 40 years old and it still goes bang every time I pull the trigger.  I also have factory ammo for my 7mm Rem mag that is 25 years old and it is also fine. 


I just did a Google search and it does look like there has been a problem with that type of ammo causing miss fires. 


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I have had that problem with

I have had that problem with Fusion but never Core-Lokts.  That is weird to get 2 in a row like that.  One lucky deer.