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Whitetail funnesl?

I am new to whitetail, and will be heading to southern illinois for the first week of december. I have heard that hunting funnels will probably be very affective. The only problem I have is trying to figure out where and what they are. I hunt mule deer and elk all the time, so I havn't really had to worry about it. Any info would be great.

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Whitetail funnesl?

funnels are where the deer are kind of forced into a certain little area because that is the easiest way for them to get to where they are going. the are not the easiest things to find.

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Whitetail funnesl?

Picture a Large forested area where the deer are traveling, now picture that travel route's cover dwindeling down (like a funnel shape), Deer tend to stay in cover when traveling in daylight. Also like gw said, it could also simply be an easier path, such as if there is large hills on either side of a travel route the deer will take a valley route (if not being pushed) because its easier. Deer are actually kind of lazy a lot of times so they will look for the easiest travel route. LoL I've actually seen deer walk an extra 20 yards just to get to a part of an old fence that was down rather than jumping over the 3 foot high one in their path (which 3 foot high to a deer aint squat). So basicly just look for travel routes with cover (like a field on both sides and woods coming out like a funnel into the fields or valley routes and you have a funnel

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Whitetail funnesl?

If you are along a fence line, look for low spots. If you are by a creek. pick out the shallowest area. Find the narrowest part of a tree line in a field.

I usually try to make funnels as well. For instance I'll find an area where the tree line might be thin along a fence and I'll tie the top wire to the bottom sire making it low on top and high on the bottom. This usually helps.

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