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Whitetail Deer??

I am planning on moving soon and want to move where there is some good hunting. What areas in Tennessee, North or South Carolina do you guys reccomend.

Thanks for any ideas. Big smile

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Whitetail Deer??

Heck, I can't give you personal experience, but I know that there are parts of South Carolina where you can almost get a deer a day for the season, if I am not mistaken. Should be alot of good opportunities there.....

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Lots of deer in nc.

I live in forsyth county,nc. and I have videotaped a nice 8-point buck in a feild only 100 yards from my house! But for the best deer and bear hunting in north carolina, you should go to Halifax county,nc. Not on the beach but near the coast, It is known for nc's biggest deer and bear! Theres also lots of hunting clubs in halifax county.

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