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White Ghosts of northern Wisconsin

I am from Colorado and have never killed a whitetail. I am planning on going to northern Wisconsin to do just that. I talked to a game biologist and he told me that there are some big boys back in the swamps of northern Wisconsin. Does anyone know anything about hunting up in northern Wisconsin? The bioligist mentioned that it should be no problem to kill a 150 to 160 class buck up there. Does anyone have some experience of hunting up there and maybe have a tale or two to tell?

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White Ghosts of northern Wisconsin

While there are big bucks in the woods and swamps of northern Wisconsin, it is stretching it to say that there would be no problem taking a 150/160 buck. You would really have to work(hunt) hard to do that.

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White Ghosts of northern Wisconsin

Yep I am from WIsconsin originally. Yes there are many big bucks in Wisconsin, but you will have anything but an easytime killing one, especially as you are used to hunting the dumbest deer around...the mule deer. I am also a Colorado big game guide, and there is no, and I mean none, comparison between hunting whitetail and mule deer. Whitetail are 50x smarter, and more skiddish, and more heavily hunted. Opening morning of rifle season in Wisconsin sounds like a battle. You would have to have extreem luck to wander out in some public land swap in upper WI and come back with a buck like that. Your biologist lives in Colordo I take it. I am not trying to be a jerk, just to give you a dose of reality. However for $2000 to $3,500 you can get an outfitter, and have a descent chance. Try along the western border of the state, both north and south of LaCross. Buffalo county would be your #1 choice. jamie olsen

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