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White Christmas

Well, of all things it looks like we have a very good chance for a White Christmas here in middle Tennessee. The Nashville area simply does not see that very often. We had one on our first Tennessee Christmas back in 1992 and it was such a surprise, both my daughters disbelieved me when I shouted it was snowing that morning as we opened our gifts. Having just returned from Germany, it was a real treat for them to see the snow back in '92.

How's everyone else's outlook for  snow?

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I believe we'll be joining

I believe we'll be joining you this year. We have the best chance of a white Christmas that have ever had. They are forcasting a couple of inches of snow starting on Sat night. I hope so. If it does snow, then I'm headed to the hunting camp and I'll try to track some deer Sunday in the snow with a bow. That will be tough to accomplish but I'll enjoy being out in the snow as we don't get much during hunting season.

We have only had 1 other white Christmas on record, so this will be a welcome sight. I hope everyone who wants a white Christmas get one.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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While here in Colorado we

While here in Colorado we usualyy have some sort of snoe around Christmas, but this year has been way different.  it has been real warm down low here...even thought the mountains are getting plenty of snow...we are getting none.  So at this point I think I will ask for a White New years!!

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