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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?

I agree with expatriate that it is wrong to charterize baiting as not being "fair chase". In the heavily forested east, spot and stalk is not a pracital way to hunt bear. Not many have bear hounds or are able to follow those hounds through heavy cover. Baiting is not a sure thing as expatriate has pointed out. Baiting also allows for a much better opportunity to be sure about the size of the bear and if it is a sow with cubs. I have taken ten bears and nine of those were over bait. The tenth bear wasn't shot over bait but was coming to a dump about a quarter mile behind me.

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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?
MTHUNT wrote:
By "Fair Chase" I mean No bait. Spot and Stalk. All of the things you have listed is used in Fair Chase Hunts.
I was just wonder how many hunters have hunted Bear using "Fair Chase". To me it is a more exciting way to hunt.

I don't think you get it.

To some people having telescopic sights on a rifle is not fair.
To some fair chase could mean using stone arrow points or spears.
To some a muzzleloader would not not be fair chase as it is a firearm.

You should try supporting bear hunting in all it's forms. If these types of divisions come up at the wrong time we could lose all forms of hunting.

You should also try baiting bears before you decide it is not "Fair Chase". Have you ever tried baiting? Have you even killed a bear? Bear baiting can be just as hard or harder then spot and stalk.

I am not sure if you are trying to build yourself up with the statement "I was just wonder how many hunters have hunted Bear using "Fair Chase". To me it is a more exciting way to hunt."

But rest assured my friend, you are not the only one who doesn't use dogs or bait. Try the whole state of WA and even OR. We are not even allowed to use scents in WA and we do pretty good up here.

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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?

Well I won't get into the "is sitting in a tree over bait" fair chase or not argument.

I do spot and stalk in SW Oregon for the same reason I always prefer fishing a stream over a lake. Sitting in a boat on a lake to me is very boring. I like to get out and wander around, and walking up and down a creek, finding good holes and whatnot is a lot of fun. It's also good exercise which, let's face it, most of us could use. I LOVE fishin' cricks! Thumbs up

The same goes for any kind of hunting. I've sat up in a stand before, and it drives me crazy! Walking old logging roads and so forth is a LOT more fun. And, if I may opine, more of a challenge than sitting in a tree over a pile of food.

Finally, I'll just add that I've become rather successful with this method, as I learned the area and techniques better. In 5 years of hunting blackies in Oregon - on my own, on public land - I scored the last 3 years in a row. The last time was with an unscoped Hawken muzzleloader, which was a little extra challenging. So there's a learning curve, but stalk and spot is definitely do-able.

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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?

Well I gotta tell you, I grew up running behind a pack of hounds after racoon in Alabama and it seemed pretty exciting to me. If nothing else, it sure was an athletic event and that was only in the hills. I couldn't imagine doing it in the Mountains. So between the slips, falls, rattlesnakes, and running hounds at night, even hound hunting seems fair chase to me. Oh yeah, It really gets interesting when the dogs tree in the swamps with gators and moccasins everywhere.

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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?

The fair chase argument is as old as the hills, and we're not going to solve it here. Some might argue that baiting bears isn't fair chase. But I've also hunted brown bears along a river stocked with salmon. So a bait barrel isn't fair chase, but spawning salmon are? Finding a natural food source that bears like and sitting there watching it isn't that much different than putting out a bait barrel -- except that lugging a barrel and a couple hundred pounds of bait into the woods is a lot more work.

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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?

+1 for spot and stalk

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Which way would you rather hunt Bear?

Expatriate, you were right about the fair chase argument being as old as the hills. I searched "fair chase" at the forum main page and got over 50 hits on this site alone! Lots of “hot topics” there and worth the read.

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