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which rifle should I take?

Hi, all -

After several months of planning and prep, I am *finally* going hog hunting this week. I expect to find something in the #150-200 size, and my guide tells me that most of the shots are taken in the 20-40 yard range. So...time to decide which rifle to take.

I have a choice between a full-length 7mm Remington magnum with a 4-10X scoope, or my Ruger .44 Carbine with iron sights. I imagine either would work OK, so I'm soliciting various opinions and recommendations.


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which rifle should I take?

If you can buy or load hard cast bullets, such as loaded by Buffalo Bore Bullets, I would go with the 44 Mag carbine. You did not say how you will be hunting but for shots at those distances the 44 should be more that adequate. I would not use a jacketed hollowpoint because of the gristle plate.
I have killed pigs with a longbow, compound bow, muzzleloader and a 45LC with Bufflo Bore Bullets. All one shot kills. If you hit them in the right place, they are not hard to kill.

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which rifle should I take?

Well I personally used a Rem 7mm mag extensive for hogs. I shot 175g PSP's. Never need a second shot with this setup. Had kills from 10 feet to nearly 300y's. Good luck to ya and post some porker pics when ya get back.