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Which rifle

Hey guys i'm new here
but thought i'd ask for
some opinions. I have a
fly in moose hunt coming
up. I'm wondering which
rifle i should take. I have
a 300ultra mag shooting
190gr bergers at 3150
and also a 7mm wsm
shooting 160gr accubonds
at 3100. The reason i'm
asking is because i have a
weight limit to stay
within. The 300 is almost
ten pounds and the 7mm
is super light and comes
in just under 7 pounds, if i
take the 300 4 will be
forced to leave a few
trivial items home. I might
add that i shoot them
equally well. Let me know
what you guys think.

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Which rifle

Both rifles will take down a moose. If weight is an issue, go with the lighter one.

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Which rifle

Take the one you shoot the best and that you have the most confidence in. One that you know will survive the abuse airlines inflict and will still shoot true after being bounced around a boat/ATV through the snow, mud and rain for 3 days straight and you've just dragged it through a black spruce swamp to cut off a big bull before he gets in the water.

I promise you the last thing you'll be thinking at that moment is

"Gee, am I ever glad I saved 3lbs of weight"

I don't know what's on you packing list...but I'd send it to your outfitter and let him tell you what to bring and what to leave.

Some things that you might be able to do without:

"Extra" ammo. 20-25 rds should be plenty - how many shots are you really going to take up there.

Shooting sticks, bipod, tripod etc... (you can make them from willows once you're there)

Booze (did I really just say that?)

Extra knives

A reliable rifle would be pretty high on the "NEED" list and work everything else around it.

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take the ultra mag

long time alaskan hunter here, take the ultra mag, it is the longest range hardest hitting off the shelf rifle available, on the last hour of the last day when you need the extra umf to deliver, its the one, i have regreted it both times i put it in the safe and grabbed a light gun, never again

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Which rifle

i agree with saskie, use the rifle you feel most confident with

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Re: Which rifle

I agree with replies. I currently am contracting in Savannah but my home is 27 miles NE of Fairbanks and I normally go every year. The lightest rifle I hunt with is a Weatherby 300 mag. I have a Ruger No.1 in 375 H&H mag that I use sometimes. I figure if I only have one shot I want to drop what I hit. I use an .06 for caribou. My wife bought me a Ruger .338 mag that I haven't used yet, mainly becasue it is SS and I prefer blue. When I get back I will wrap the barrel in camo tape. Should do the trick.