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which rifle

im new to hunting and i was wondering which rifle would be good for hunting whitetail,hog,and coyote.my budget is around 550.00

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Re: which rifle
nickspivey wrote:
im new to hunting and i was wondering which rifle would be good for hunting whitetail,hog,and coyote.my budget is around 550.00

Nick it is going to be hard to find a good deer hog and coyote rifle for your $500 budgit! You might look at used rifles like a Rem 788 chambered for 243 Win or 308 win. You should be able to find one for around the budgit you state.

The Rem 788 rifles are not pritty, but they are tack drivers for accuracy! Of course you could always look for a used Model 94 Win, or Marlin 336 , either chambered for 30-30. The 336 Marlin is the easiest to mount a scope on, but either will handle anything in North America within 200 yds, with the exception of grizzly.

One other thing you might think about are the little break top single shots from H&R, and some others built on that same pattern. These are chambered for some good chamberings lately. Or if you can find one, and Savage over under combination gun with a 20 ga shot barrel on the bottom, and a 30-30 barrel on top, that would give you two guns for the price of one.

It is hard today to find a decent rifle for under $1000.oo , and then add another $300.oo for a decent scope! Sorry but that is the lay of the land today! Think

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which rifle

DUGABOY1 offers excellent advice and I agree that it will be a hard task to locate a rifle/scope combo for $550.00 and then you'll have to buy the ammo still!!!
You will be completely satisfied with the Marlin 336 that DUGA mentioned. I can not think of a better all around starter Rifle.
Also I was looking thru the BPS flyer the other day and noticed that they had a "Remington Whitetail Pro" rifle/3-9X40 scope combo for $400.00 after rebate.
It was being offered in the afore mentioned calibres .243, .270, .30.06, .300win and .308.
However I have never shot one of these nor have I heard from anyone who has so I have no clue as to the quality and accuracy of this particular Rifle. I will say that as with any "budget" Rifle, the price is kept low by using Plastic and "Poly" parts that can fail under normal use and certainly have an increased chance of failure when the temperature drops and the rifle gets some hard use so consider that when choosing between a well made "used" rifle and a Budget "new rifle".
Good luck with your search.

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Re: which rifle
nickspivey wrote:
im new to hunting and i was wondering which rifle would be good for hunting whitetail,hog,and coyote.my budget is around 550.00

It's not easy finding a decent quality new rifle within your stated price range. A good used rifle can be a great buy, but can also be a nightmare for the shooter/hunter with little experience. Marlin makes two nice rifles you might want to consider, along with the already mentioned model 336(30/30 or .35)

The .308 MX is a lever action with a more powerful round, the .308 ME. This will pretty much give you .308 Win power and lever action portability and carryability. Marlin also makes a decent bolt rifle the model XL7. It comes in a couple different versions with a new walnut stocked model now available.

I own several Marlin rifles and think them to be excellent values in today's marketplace.


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which rifle

Savage 110 in a .243 is what I would do; not sexy but they sure are accurate in my experiance

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which rifle

Up your budget a couple of hundred more and look for a used Remington 700.
I found one with Leupold scope for 799.00.

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which rifle

all i will say is whatever gun you find its real hard to beat a 30/06 it can cover any thing north america has to offer coyotes to grizz they just offer so many differnt bullets classes for it

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which rifle

Bet you could maybe get a pretty decent spear for that amount. Laugh

Seriously though… Use the money to get a decent rifle (.308, 30-06, 30-30) with iron sites. Then, start saving for the scope while you learn to shoot with the iron sites. You may not be able to get out to the longer ranges but at least you'll be out hunting.

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which rifle

Savage 110 , rifle scope combo will do just fine.
They have it in .270 at DicksSportingGoods for $399.00
That still well below your budget, so you can buy some ammo and go to a shooting range to fine tune the scope accuracy.

Cant beat that price for the rifle you get

Good luck!

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which rifle

Agree with the previous post. Savage's usually have better "out-of-the-box" ready to shoot packages. My preference is the .270, bolt action of course. One of the best all-around calibers IMHO.

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which rifle

Weatherby Syn Vanguard in 30-06 (270, 280, 308 and 7mm-08 are good too), you can get them at Walmart for $399-$415. If they are not in stock ask the person at the gun counter to get out the firearm book and order it. It's a little big for coyotes, but you can use 125gr bullet for them and 150gr to 180gr bullets for everything else. The 30-06 is a do everthing round and you can find the ammo everywhere for a fair price. I have one in 270WSM and it shoots just as good as my Browning A-bolt. After you save some more money down the road, you can go back and buy one in 243, then you will have two guns (one in 30-06 and one in 243) to hunt anything. As soon as I save some more money I'm going to get one in 7mm-08.