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which one

Which would be the better caliber rifle for coyotes the 223 or the 22-250. The reason I asked is the coyotes around here in Newfoundland are huge they say they were bred with the eastern wolf. I have never seen any but friends that did say they are very big

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which one

The22-250 has a ballistic advantage. Go to this link>scroll down to Federal V Shock, Check two of the same bullets boxes for the 223 & 22.250 and hit compare


The eastern Coyote or any cross thereof are not as heavy as they look.. Certainly not more than half the weight of an Average male German Shepherd. Oh Hell, lets give them the benefit of the doubt and say theyare larger than ANY Shepherd.
The 22-250 or the .223 are more than capable of dispatching the critters very easily. If you ever see one skinned you'll know what I mean, they are small boned and very scrawny and not heavy at all, probably more like 40 lbs for a well nourished one.

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which one

heaviest coyote i ever shot or snared was 72lbs. i never had another even come close to that weight....it was huge Thumbs up

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