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Which grain?

I'm getting my first rifle tomorrow, it will be a .270. I live in Montana and will be hunting elk and deer so how heavy grain should I get 130 or 150?

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A lot of it depends on

A lot of it depends on weather or not you are going to be shooting premium bullets such as Nosler Partition, Swift A Frames, or Barnes TTSX. 

I would pick up a box of each and see which one your new rifle shoots the best once it is sighted in.  Both the 130 and 150's have killed elk as long as you do your part. 

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I load for two brothers and one likes the 130TTSX and the other likes the 140TSX. They both have killed elk with their respected 270 load. Splitting hairs really. I think which ever you can have the best group with is the one I would lean towards.

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Like everyone else said

Like everyone else said whichever shoots best as long as it is a well constructed bullet. My brother personall shoots 130's out of his and has put a lot of elk to sleep with it. O'Connor who is well known for his love for the .270 used the old 130gr. winchester silvertip (not balistic tip) ammo on many an elk hunt. The 130's shoot as flat as a frozen rope if you are a MPBR guy rather than a balistic plex or turret spinner. 


whether 150 or 130 get a good bullet, tsx (any variety), accubond, partition, a-frame, etc

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which grain?

140 noslers handloads with big game or rl 19

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