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nice bull

glad too see the 270 WSM will lay the smackith downith on a beautiful bull like that.  Now my delima is do I go with shooting sticks or a detachable bipod?

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Looks like you poked that

Looks like you poked that bull right on the money there pardner!  I was gone on a trip and just got back to this thread.  I will stay with my Leupold 3x9x40 VX I and IIs I have on my main rifles used for big game.  The price is higher on the II and unless you go to a big boomer gun I think the I and II is all you need and their lifetime guarantee is just that.  I've never had a problem, but I have read of others that did and Leupold either repaired or replaced them all for free.  On that RUM you may need to go with that VXIII with the higher recoil it has, as I think that is the major difference in the scopes I mentioned and the III.  A guy I know has a pretty good handle on scopes and told me the internal works of the III are made for the higher recoil rifles.  Whatever you do, get in a lot of practice and I hope you don't develop a flinch and get into bad habits that would cause a miss when it's time to down that big bull.  That's why I recommended a smaller caliber unless a person does a lot of shooting and hunting and knows what they are doing, rather than a novice who thinks they need the big banger to hit the animal anywhere and get it, which is sure a misnomer!  If you hit a big bull bad with one of them, he will take off just like with any smaller caliber and you'll be on a chase that may or may not be successful.  Good luck on your hunt!

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