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My girlfriend waas shooting a

My girlfriend waas shooting a regular size .270 before we got together. I went o get her a new rifle and found out for her size she needed a youth model to be comfortable. I bought her a youth 700 SPS in 7mm-08. It was so good i got me one in full size 700. She loves it. Little to no recoil compared to the .270 and plenty of knock down power. I love mine too, and I have been a .270 shooter for over 20 years. Using a 140 grain fusion bullet, it can't be beat.

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Have they done much shooting

Have they done much shooting before? I think this is one of the first questions that should be asked when looking to get a newbie a rifle. Even the lighter recoiling rifles like the .270 can be a bit much for the person who doesn't have a whole lot of experience shooting large centerfire rifle rounds.

Is there a chance that it might ever be used as to hunt elk? How about the west in general where shots tend to be long? If elk is on the menu, I wouldn't drop below the 7mm-08 but it has been done without problem.

No matter what you get her, I would invest in a good recoil pad from limb-saver or one of the other high end companies. They are worth it and make a big difference in felt recoil.